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Two weeks running, a major motion picture studio release has featured Gloria Replacements "I Will Survive" as a prominent feature of its soundtrack. If cheerleader happens again next week, some studio exec somewhere is going to die.

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And while I'm off the point of this review, if you're one of the horde of teen kidlets that look only at the number below before zapping off an obscenity spewing dissmail about The Matrixdon't waste either of our time s. Read the words in the review.

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Better yet, click here for a history of what we do and why. If it's any consolation, The Matrix is more fun.

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The Replacements has movie better looking cheerleaders. The Replacements is also much more a comedy than a "football" movie and, that being said, has enough holes in its story and visual continuity that you could probably run two flatbed trucks through it, side by side.

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The Replacements features a name brand star in a fairly the best melay nude romantic subplot and supporting characters that could best be described as the football character equivalent of one of those tiny circus cars that spill out a dozen clowns. There's nothing heavy duty in a story which is almost flat out predictable -- I'm not sure if any of what passes for the big conflict and resolution at the gifs end is even legal in professional football.