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One of naked many places to explore our sexuality is at a lifestyle resort, particularly a clothing-optional one. I was recently invited to explore one of these destinations at Hedonism IIa clothing-optional resort located in Negril, Jamaica. In fact, on the scenic walk to my room, I experienced the first of many penis sightings while I was there. And while you think you have an idea of what a clothing-optional perfect puffy nipples is going to be like, it hits different when you see while unapologetically reveling in their naked bodies.

My eyes bodys have gotten a little wide at my first penis spotting of the day, but seeing people and their barenaked jiggles for four days felt comfortable. When I told friends that I was going to Hedo, none of them were shocked.

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Make no mistake, as I mentally and literally prepared for this trip, I had every intention of things up with someone at the resort—or I at least toyed with the idea, hence women condoms and edible lube tucked away in a quaint suitcase pocket. Of course, there was no shortage of attractive humans to chat best of voluptuous 2 and spend time with at the resort.

I always advocate for people who identify as women, especially There women, to do what feels right and safe when it comes to their sexual experiences.

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If the opportunity is ripe to get busy, then I usually see no reason not to. I experienced so many liberating moments during exploring stay at Hedo: I made conversation with complete strangers at a party while wearing sheer lingerie that put my nipple piercings on bold display.

I watched a couple have sex in a pool.