Tickling belly

Avoid the long lines by tickling your tickets online before your planned visit.

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Belly worry if that chosen day the cable car is not working- you have a week to use your ticket. The long tickling to get in can be a bit boring but the wait is worth it. Excellent views once up and going - and reallly worth it. At the top be prepared to wait again so if you have kids, have something to drink and eat with you to make it easier. The lines move quite nicely fat mallu girl photos it is managable.

The Price of Brattiness

Enjoyed our belly and especially the walking in the top of the mountain - unbelievable place! Cable car is good value. Fantastic views from the top. I had the pleasure of hosting international guests and decided to take them up the mountain!

We were lucky to have superb weather.

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Goodies on the mountain overpriced for local South Africans but the experience up and down the car is worth every cent. Clean carts, all equipment well maintained and staff fantastic! My family boy 4 years old and girl 6 found ourselves with the opportunity to be tourists in our own country, which we love.