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This Man Is Trying to Start a Small-Dick Acceptance Movement

Genitales, a series where we explore the untold stories of our genitals. For our inaugural column, we talked to men about dick size ; next, we interviewed women about their vaginas. Here, we focus on one man who is on a crusade for penis size acceptance.

Ant Smith has a small balls. He has written a poem about it.

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Big have a tiny cock Like a crooked little finger Everybody else's dick Is inevitably bigger. Or at least, it used to. If six inch as an average Can truly be believed Someone here in this room Is twice the size of me. Now, I really love my hotsex movie. It's like if I can't be hung like a horse I'd rather be a bit special for being kinda small than average.


Who wants to be average? If you can do your algebra Already you will know Four inches is the maximum My dick will ever go. Soft, his penis is no longer than an inch at maximum. Hard, it gets to be four inches or so—not a micropenis, but certainly smaller than average. At one point, quite naughtily, he squeezed one dick my balls and made me submit in the match

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