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Larry Kahaner Jul 19, Truckers see the sorrow, violence, and disgrace of sex trafficking almost every day. She wanted to focus on a male truck driver as her main trucker because of what one judge told her.

Is it illegal to have sex in the sleeper in a public parking lot?

James J. Gagne, Jr. He continues to drive trucks, now for the U. Postal System in the Indianapolis area. I had a lot of input. It was a challenge to act, but basically all I had to do was take deep breaths and try to be myself— in a way, interact with people and listen to the director.

Is it illegal to have sex in the sleeper in a public parking lot?

Gagne not only acted in the movie but drove a truck, too, a job usually handled by stunt drivers. Gluck had no idea truckers were trained by TAT to look for signs of trafficking and report suspicious activity. Gluck began her research on trafficking by meeting survivors and learning their stories, often through Catch Court, an alternative judicial system in Columbus, OH, and other jurisdictions that treats those who were trafficked as victims of abuse and not prostitutes.

Gluck said that one of the factors keeping people enslaved is that their criminal records keep them sex work opportunities.

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One of the most profound and unusual stories she heard was from a male trucker who trucker teaming with his wife.

It took sex grandfather [to stop it].