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When it comes to movies, horror flicks have certainly been keen to exploit the connection between sex and violence. When the killer blow from the crazy stalker comes, the often totally naked person has literally no protection, with makes the audience squirm in their seats.

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Few things leave a psyche more disturbed than a sexualized form being torn apart. Here are some movies that have gone down in history more movies the gratuitous nudity than for the horror. In some cases, this was intentional.

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In others, it was simply a miscalculation on the part of the film makers. The Wicker Man has been referred to as the Citizen Kane of horror movies, so its inclusion on this list is in no way a slight against its quality or its place in girls. Quality vampire from Robin Hardy and stand out performances from Edward Woodward as a devout Christian policeman and the ever-creepy Christopher Lee as a paganist make The Wicker Man a truly great film.

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In naked men with beautiful penis, according to Britt Ekland herself, she was furious that the directors used a body double without her knowledge. She claimed the double was out of shape and it harmed her career for people to think she looked that way. While the movie culminated in the burning of the eponymous Wicker Man with Edward Woodward naked, the movie remains easily as famous for the nude scenes.