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The Kenyan online community is always busy. Kenyans on Twitter KOT have come up with a trend, IfikieWazazi, to publicly shame adolescents sharing nasty pictures on social media. The trend was started after a young unidentified girl shared a video on Twitter blasting critics who take issues with ladies posting semi-nude pictures.

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The young lass argues, in the video, that young ladies should be permitted to dress whichever way they desire:. Sasa skieni uyu mwingine????????????

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The video went viral with the Ifikiewazazi hashtag turning it into a campaign to expose young girls big butt black women porn boys posting inappropriate pictures on the internet.

With pseudo accounts teend the order of the day, teenagers are known to be sharing obscene videos and pictures of themselves anonymously nude they attempt to keep them from their parents. IfikieWazazi aims to break the walls of anonymity and expose the young to their parents and guardians.

Are these your kids?????

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These so very "photoshoots" tho???????????? Heading where are we? Continue sharing till the ancestors have a glimpse pic. Hey fam ifikiewazazi Retweet retweet Screenshot screenshot pic.

IfikieWazazi Ladies but why pic. This generation though ni lazima hii maneno ifikiewazazi pic.