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She enjoyed the thought of seeing see a few old friends and so left for Boston with high expectations. When she arrived half the alumnae were already plastered; the girl seated next to her, passed out face-down in her entree. After a docket of surprisingly bawdy speeches was a calendar of equally naughty games.

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There seemed no limit to their depravity, as she witnessed the Twat Race, which was won by the first to waddle the course carrying a wine bottle in her cunt without dropping it. Just before the drawing for door prizes, some of her classmates went out into the street and returned with half-dozen men they cajoled best animated teenage tit gifs joining them for a drink.

The alum names were put into a hat and Aimee Lee Chandon, self-appointed Mistress of Ceremonies, raised a key up high and asked one of the men to draw a name. Annalisa was shocked when she turned out to be the winner. So who will it be? Some of the men licked their lips as Annalisa, too cums to speak, shook her head in disbelief and backed away.

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Annalisa backed up until she hit the wall and then burst into tears. Seeing her distress, one of the men virgin out for them to stop. All the other men glared at him and the women jeered and shouted for him to be thrown out, but no volunteers sprang forward to bounce her athletic six-foot-four protector.