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I love not having any clothes on!

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Why do I have to wear this dress? Yes, take a ton of embarrassing pictures of me prancing around the house butt-ass-naked!

The great naked experiment: Why 7 days without clothes was so worth it – SheKnows

Every time I take my clothes off I see some new weird thing that has only vaguely been explained to me. Now Go Be A Woman! Why do things have to change? How can Jaime Goldberg just like, pirouette around the locker room naked when the rest of us are doing the patented teenage girl change-without-showing-any-private-body-parts shuffle? I am freeeeeaking outtttt.

40 Naked Women Let Us in on Body Confidence & Self-Acceptance

Here is my vagina! Being seen by a person who is not my mom. I feel like Cleopatra or Courtney Stodden or something.