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I… Xena want to show you, Gabrielle. I want to show you how much I love you. Let me show you how I feel?

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Warrior Princess that rabid lesbian fans around the world have been waiting for? Not likely. Widespread on the Internet, fan fiction allows fans of television shows, mostly science fiction and fantasy, to explore what will never make it on screen.

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The fan fiction lives on long after the series has thankfully been laid to rest. Xena fan fiction is an explosive growth industry.

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Over the past two years the number of on-line, fan-created stories dedicated to the heroes and anti-heroes of this mythological world have skyrocketed from about to well over 2, There are about bards worldwide, says Kevin Unverferth, who runs Gabrielle Athenaeum, a comprehensive computerized database of Xena fan fiction. It averages 6, hits a day.

Unverferth says the bards are generally women — teny porn image galeries there are some men.

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One is a University of Waterloo student who goes by the pen-name Rooks. Raking in four-million viewers a week in the US alone, Xena is seen in 65 countries and dubbed into all manner nude languages, including French and Turkish. The action, special effects and zany humour of the and are fun, but the heart of it all is the women, says Piloto.

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