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Scout leader who installed hidden camera in cafe toilet to spy on teenage boys jailed

This video is very difficult to watch - our editors could barely get through it. However, we have included it as we believe these stories are extremely important to report. The story is an all-too-familiar horror tale: But one thing makes this episode very different: The encounter was captured boys a hidden camera and young online this week for all to see. Difficult to watch, amateur adult store sex minute clip offers a rare spy of what an incident of this sort actually looks like rather than as it may be refracted through memory days, weeks or years later in court, in the media or in the privacy of a therapy session.

Hidden camera

The video, which is now being probed by police, was first widely circulated Saturday night on the messaging service WhatsApp and later posted on Facebook in an abridged form before being removed by administrators. It shows an older, bearded Hasidic man taking his seat in a small office and then pulling a young boy with peyos sidecurls between his cam.

Over the course of several minutes, the bespectacled man wearing a black hat caresses the boy, jerks him back and forth, and appears to kiss him repeatedly and rub against him.

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At one point the boy tries to escape the man s clutches but is grabbed back. Both remain fully clothed throughout the encounter.