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This work, along with the Boy Xxx orion slave girl porn gif a Jew's Harp Tate T and three other paintings by Lely of people playing musical instruments, was first recorded in the collection of the Earls of Craven at Combe Abbey in Warwickshire inat which time they were all attributed young the Haarlem painter, Frans Hals or In the mid-twentieth century they were recognised as being characteristic of the early work of Sir Peter Lely.

It is not clear whether some or all of this group were intended to be portraitsor whether they were to be viewed as genre images of anonymous music-makers.

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In the present work, the man is playing a girls instrument. In Dutch paintings of this period such an instrument often had erotic connotations. Music was linked with sensuality and the pipe and the flute were sometimes seen as a pipes sexual symbols, or metaphors for sexual activity. Lely himself had pics in the Dutch city of Haarlem.

‘Man Playing a Pipe’, Sir Peter Lely, c | Tate

Images showing half- or three-quarter-length figures playing musical instruments became popular with the Netherlandish artists who had visited Italy and had been influenced by similar paintings by the celebrated Michelangelo Merisi Caravaggio and his followers.

They included the Utrecht artists Dirck van Baburen c. Starting in Utrecht from the early s onwards, such works became increasingly widespread in the Netherlands and were produced, for instance, by the Haarlem painters Frans Hals and Judith Leyster The sitters were often shown in fanciful costumes that purported to be peasant dress.

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After training in Haarlem he moved at the beginning of the s to England, sex the Civil War was in progress.