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If girls don't have AC and sitting in front of swimming fan just isn't doing it, you might decide to take a swim. But imagine walking into your local swimming pool and finding a sign that says you're not allowed to swim She went to Vake Swimming and Fitness Club only to find a sign hanging on the wall notifying women on their periods that they aren't allowed to swim.

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Sophie was understandably upset. But swimming in a pool on your period is not unhygienic.

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Not only is menstrual blood totally normal and not toxic. According to the Teanna kai porn pics for Disease Control, coming into contact with blood in a pool poses little risk.

Vake Club hinted to BuzzFeed that an incident where a piss was found floating on the surface of the pool is the reason behind their policy. Because let's not pretend people don't pee in pools.

Swimming Pool Safety: Don’t Pee in the Pool (It’s Worse than Gross!)

In the end, this policy is totally sexist and only serves to promote the stigma that periods are dirty. Props to Sophie for calling the gym out. Type keyword s to young.

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