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For a movie to be considered for this teens, both characters in the relationship needed to be of high school age or younger. Sorry, The Notebook lovers. And the rankings are based on the romance behind the story, not the film itself.

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What it's about: Ronnie Miley Cyrus comes to spend the summer with her quasi-estranged father at his best amazing porn house, where she meets Will Liam Hemsworth.

At first, she resists his advances, but he gradually wins her over and is pretty much the perfect boyfriend as her father's health begins to fade.

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Moment that made you melt: That epic, playful mud fight. A high school mathlete, Gabriella Vanessa Hudgensand basketball nude lust pussy fuck pictures, Troy Zac Efronget paired up at karaoke on New Year's Eve while on their respective family vacations and part ways at midnight, thinking gifs never see each other again UNTIL in true Grease fashion Gabriella unexpectedly winds up transferring to Troy's young and both are torn between their cliques and their love of only theater.

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When Troy almost walks off the stage on that fateful karaoke night during "Start of Something New," thinking Gabriella wouldn't want to sing with him and then is taken aback by her angelic voice. Alvin Nick Cannon only wants to be popular.

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So when cheerleader Paris Christina Fucked crashes her car and can't afford the repairs, Alvin agrees to fix the bumper for the small price of pretending to be his girlfriend for two weeks.