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She wore a dark-blue kimono with an obi sash.

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Raizen describes her as "the most beautiful creature he had ever seen. While only her insides and blood are corrupted in the anime, in the manga Raizen sees that the rotting flesh she ate has taken its toll on her body, as her flesh seems to be rotting and corrupt as well, making it much more threatening in the manga. She heals Raizen after he sustained injuries while on a raid in a Human village. After healing him, Raizen attempted to eat her in her sleep, but she was aware of his attempts.

Raizen's Lover

She taunted about his eating habits, and warned of the toxins and poisons in her body, that could even kill him, but gave him a choice to eat her or leave. Through this interaction, the two eventually fell in love with each other. Because of her, Raizen swore to never feed on humans again, and thus began to slowly starve to death over centuries. She had a temper, but was also apparently very intelligent.

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Raizen says that Yusuke has demonstrated her fiery temper. The kekkai barrier had not yet been erected, and there was chaos and disorder throughout american sexy fucking sucking teenies land. Raizen explained that at that time in his life, he was particularly uncaring because he saw all humans as food.